Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello to all,
                 I hope everyone is having a good night.I have alot to say and dont know were to beging with,but as always,I will come back here again to my new Blog.I hope this works out.Not sure if I am doing this right with the new blog settings,something got messed up with my old blog and I cant get in.I dont know how to fix it,thats why I am starting a new one,which is probllay good thing to do anyways.So,were do I start?Most of you know that my Dad passed away about a year and half ago,Mom and I had to move near my Sister into a smaller house.Alot has been going on,good and bad,but not to bad.Could be worse,guess I shouldnt say bad,because Mom and I are blessed to have a good family who watches over us and good friends.I miss my Dad alot,He was everything,didnt relize how much I missed Him till He was gone.Wishing He was here all the time,but I know Hes in a better place and He isnt hurting anymore.I still remember the day He died like it was yesterday,playing in my mind.wishing I could take that day back,but I cant.Everything happens for a reason,from what I am told.I had to also learn alot,grown up alot,well I am already grown,I am 40,yup,I am old.LOL.Still not married.Will get into that later.LOL.I know one day I will get to see  my Dad again,hug Him,kiss Him,saying how much I missed you!!!!He provided my Mom and I with so much and I am blessed to have a wonderful Father who was always there for us.For a while there I was angry and hurt and didnt understand why He left,at times now,I still dont understand,but,I get it.Does it make it better,because Hes not here?No!!!!!Now that I am a caregiver to my Mom,who has alot of health issues going on.I dont want to loose Her as well.Even thoe at times we still get on eachothers nerves,I love my Mom and she loves can be a bit over whelming,because I have taken my Dads place,cooking,learning how to cook and doing thigns around the house.I have to be there for my mom,she needs me,I need Her!!!!!!!!!We have a dog now and He brings us alot of love and laughter.Hes so funny.His name is teddy,Hes a Welsh Corgi,Hes 2,He loves toys,never seen a dog who wants to play with toys,He loves toys that have thoes stupid noise things inside,He trys to get to the noise first and He usllay does.Okay,so,I know theres alot more need to be said here and I will come back again.Thank you all for listning.Be safe and kool out there.PeaceOut!!!

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  1. Yay! You did it. I'm not sure I like the "new" blogger stuff. Maybe with time. You're a wonderful gal to be helping Mom out. I'm sure she appreciates that!